Enterprise Class Integrated Security
Our Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) analyze network traffic for signatures that match known cyber attacks.
Firewall Analyzer
FCOOS with its firewall Analyzer delivers visibility and analysis of complex network security policies across on-premise and cloud networks.
Managed DNS
FCOOS increases the speed of your DNS infrastructure, the faster the requests can be routed and resolved.
Zero Trust Network
FCOOS provides secure remote access to applications and services based on defined access control policies with its zero trust network.
FCOOS provides you a WAF ( Web application Firewall) monitors, filters and blocks data packets as they travel to and from a website or web application.
Our CDN deliver content from your website or mobile application to people more quickly and efficiently, based on their geographic location.
Website Security
This includes our Application Security & Network Security.
Security Gateway Services / UTM Firewall
FCOOS firewall monitors attempts to gain access to your operating system by malicious software & programs and blocks unwanted traffic or unrecognized sources.
Enterprise Class Integrated Security
Remote Access Solutions
FCOOS remote connect solutions enable you and your team to connect remotely with Shared Servers, IoT devices or machines in a secure manner.
Managed Cloud Services
IT Infrastructure Services
Productivity Suites
We at FCOOS believe in bringing to our clients the best tools to enhance their productivity.
Server & Networking Solutions
Storage & Backup Solutions
We offer various storage solutions based on your custom needs and requirements.
About Us
We, at FCOOS, deliver mission critical IT Infrastructure support and other business-critical IT solutions with core focus on open source to our various corporate client across the globe. We believe that open source is the best way to serve our clients and society providing a true value service on a platform that blends into their setups of diverse natures and requirements.

As a company, FCOOS has a cumulative work experience of more than 100 years on different IT solutions and of serving our clients successfully, motivated by passion and customer satisfaction. Our customers range from small to medium and large scale industries in their respective division of business and trade. Guided by the principle of customer satisfaction we are relentless working in our efforts to bring in the edge that our customer requires in terms of major support and functions in their respective fields.

Vision and Mission: To become a premier company providing reliable and scalable IT solutions based on Open standards and technologies. We thrive to achieve this by establishing and enhancing an ecosystem by rewarding its members: community, customers, partners, employees and investors through innovation and best practice.
Our Clients
These are some of our existing clients