Unified Threat Management
FCOOS’ firewall & security solutions monitor your network traffic 24x7 and block any attempts to gain access to your servers and terminals by any malicious software & programs.

Our firewall based on Open-Source technology and is completely programmable as per the needs of your organization. Unlike other propriety Firewalls, we offer unlimited updates on virus definitions ensuring that your company is always protected from unwanted or malicious attacks and your database is always secure.

We offer best in class protection at the most reasonable prices. To know more visit our store.

Our firewall has the following components:

• Network Firewall
• Intrusion Prevention System
• User Authentication
• Proxy & Content Filtering
• Cloud based threat protection
UTM - Features
• Custom rules per device
• Block harmful Content & Malware
• Block Ads
• Block behavioral profiling
• Block Crypto jacking
• Application Controls
• Force Safe Search
• Force YouTube safety mode
• Manual Blacklisting
• Manual Whitelisting
• Device Schedules
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