Secure Access with ThinLinc
A secure remote access solution without complexities of VPN.
Customer Requirements
A Large manufacturing company in Bangalore was looking for a remote access solution to enable their employees to work from home securely in the Pandemic. They don’t want to go for any VPN solution as it mainly complex and exposes the entire network to all the users from remote. They also don’t want the user to be able to copy confidential data to the end devices. Their requirement is summarized below:
1. Remotely Access the designated Systems. No other access to individuals
2. Users should be able to access Tally, Genisys, and Stage ERP on requirements.
3. They should be able to take both Local and remote printouts.
4. Remote Access should be fast.
We decided to use ThinLinc for this requirement due to the following features
1. Much faster screen response than the competitions.
2. Profile based access to designated systems.
3. Dual Factor Authentication options.
4. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux on the client’s Side.
5. No complex VPN management or Certificate Management is required.
6. Scalable to thousands of users with server farm with HA.

We setup ThinLinc on a Linux virtual machine, with the required no of licenses, and configured the DNS based load-balancing with different ISP links. This ensured the users will be able to access the systems if even one of the links is down. Since there were three types of access requirements, we created three user profiles and mapped to the corresponding groups. That ensured that finance users were able to access Tally no other applications and Stage and Genisys ERP applications access were limited to corresponding user groups.

ThinLinc was the ideal solution for this client’s requirement. It avoided complexities of VPN installations at the user side, especially since most of them were working remotely and their workstations were not directly accessible. At the same time ThinLinc full filled all their customized security requirement and along with access restrictions.
The most important factor however was the response time at user side. End users were extremely happy with ThinLinc faster response compared to their previous solution.
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