Secure Access Solutions
Our Secure Access Solution enables all users in network to easily and securely perform functions such as accessing, sharing, uploading, downloading Etc. of any type of data based on their respective business needs.

In this era of internet the backbone of the network connectivity has changed to wireless internet, and with 5G on the horizon it is slowly replacing leased line and other traditional structured network.

In this case study we are describing the implementation of secure access to datacenter by using 4G network from branch environment.
Customer Requirements
An Urban Bank in Kerala has about25+ remote branches and some of the important sites are situated in rural area. The Bank required to establish a secure network access to their data center through a 4G router. The router was able to support any available 4G service (ISP) in the location irrespective of brand and subscription plan.

Traffic was to be identified by IP based stamping of each devices that was accessing the applications. Therefore the log in the application was supposed to determine each devices activity by monitoring only the IP address.

The secure network was supposed to be configured in bidirectional tropology, which enabled can access each and every single device form data center.
Planning for Network Security: Network security requires primarily two things:
1. Identifying the services used within the network, and
2. Allocating services to virtual or physical computers, based on their Criticality/Sensitivity classification and role-based access control.

Technical Details of Secured SSL_VPN Connectivity between Datacenter and Branches customer was as follows
1. Static IP require only at Datacenter. Static IP was not require at the Branch side
2. Redundancy of the connection was to be provided by enabling multiple Connections at each end and the automatic failover was to be configured
3. SSL Certificates were needed to authenticate the connections
4. Bi-directional routing was to be configured to access endpoints from the datacenter
5. Rules were to be configured to restrict the branch level access to desired applications deployed the datacenter servers
6. Watchdog – To keep the configured 4G router alive
7. Single UI dashboard to monitor the connection status of the whole network needed to be provided
8. Configured identifications for each and very connections to keep understand the status

Schematic Diagram for the Framework
The top benefits of FCOOS Secure access are its higher capacity bandwidth, centralized management, network visibility, multiple connection types.

Our technology allows organizations to use cheaper connection types than MPLS.

An organization can change the type of WAN connections being used as traffic volumes change – configuration will work irrespective of ISP.

Our Solution can ease the IT burden by simplifying WAN infrastructure, using broadband to off-load non-critical business apps, automating monitoring tasks, and managing traffic through a centralized controller.

The customer was satisfied with this proposal and the associated benefits and recommended us to deploy this solution, because of operational cost efficiency and robust security.
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