Secure Access IoT Device
Network is the backbone of every software deployment and data is the key to perform all activities irrespective of the business domain, to access, share, upload, download Etc.
In this era of internet of things, remote control and analyzing of devices deployed in all segments are very essential.

Our Solution enables access any IoT devices securely through our Secure Access IoT connect platform – which is a combination of FCOOS secure cloud frame work and FCOOS Secure IoT End point device.
Customer Requirements
Currently customer is sending the Support Engineer to their customer locations for troubleshooting their CLC machine. They want to avoid this and want to remotely attend and resolve the issues as and when required. 
Planning for Network Security: Network security requires two primary things:
1) identifying the services used within the network, and
2) allocating services to virtual or physical computers, based on their Criticality/Sensitivity classification and role-based access control.
Configurations as per Customer demand – brief description
1. SSL Certificate based access
2. 4G network on end point IoT device
3. Enable Serial communication to access programmable industrial device
4. Remote access from Windows based laptop
5. Watchdog – Keeps the 4G network settings alive in the end point device
Companies can save lots of time,efforts and travel with remote management with our Secure Remote Connect Solution.
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