Cloud Dedicated Server Infrastructure
To explore setting up an cloud infrastructure with customized features in a scalable and secure manner.
Customer Demands And Requirements
The client wished to virtualize a dedicated cloud server for
• Applications, and
• Databases Servers for their digital marketing support software like email validator Etc.
They additionally wanted to setup up a cloud firewall to enable the following
• Provide secure access to developers
• provide public IP for web access with specified ports, and Database access through secure connection behind the cloud firewall
Security Considerations
1. Public IPs are for only available for Application Server and FTP/SFTP Server
2. Databases are reachable only with private IP.
3. Only required ports are allowed from the firewall.
All administration access only through private IP with VPN.
Planning for Network Security:
1. Identifying the services used within the network, and
2. Allocating services to virtual or physical computers, based on their Criticality/Sensitivity classification and role-based access control.

Cloud Platform: OVH Dedicated Server
Technical Details of the Cloud Server deployment.
1. OVH Dedicated Server with Intel Xeon processor/64GB Memory/2x4TB HDD/1GBPS Network
2. 4 public IP are purchased for configuring the access through web and VPN
3. Installed Bare-metal OS for virtualizing the server
4. Cloud Firewall installed and configured Network with safe firewall rules and port forwarding and NAT
5. VMs are installed with relevant OS and database as per the client requirements
6. Set NFS folder Application Server to access SFTP/FTP Data
7. Set Rules that has been enabled for developers to access only the desired service
8. Set Acronis cloud Backup for Database and Application Servers.
The cloud server along with firewall was set up and the client benefited via reduction in overall cost and increased security
1. Monthly billing cycle for the entire solution
2. Dedicated Connect gives you a secure high performance connection to your OVH private network (vRack and network).
3. The vRack can be combined with the Dedicated Cloud, dedicated servers Infrastructure, Storage and Big Data and very soon with our Run Above Public Cloud service , offering you a huge range of outsourced infrastructures.

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