Remote IT Infra Management
To efficiently manage endpoints, servers, and staff PCs, it is essential for a systems administrators to employ effective tools that help them in time management. In any events-driven organization, with people working from different locations it is crucial to be able to quickly and efficiently monitor all hardware and software systems with maximum ease thereby reducing downtime due IT related errors.
Customer Demands And Requirements
Customer wanted a remote support for desktop/laptop in the office as a lot of their members were working from home and in order to minimize headcount they didn’t want to increase the number of system administrators working in office.
Specific Requirements
1. Enable Secure login and monitor proper functioning of all their endpoints
2. Installation & update of antivirus programs.
3. Windows OS deployments on case to case basis
4. Recommended Software installation
5. Enabling USB blocking
6. Remotely accessing the PC/laptops
7. IT assets Software/hardware Inventory updates remotely.
8. IT is troubleshooting like systems health check report.

Solution Description
We understood the client’s requirements and installed Manage Engine Desktop Central® which is a Web-based Windows software application for desktop administration. This application enables administrators to manage computers effectively, from any location centrally. It comprises of features like Software Deployment, Patch Management, Service-pack Installation, Asset Management, OS Deployment, Remote Control, Configurations, System Tools, Active Directory Reports and User Logon Reports.
System Components
The LAN architecture of Desktop Central comprises the following components:
• Server (We used Windows 10 professional as server)
• Agent
• Patch Database
• Web Console
• Workgroup computers

With this solution we can avoided numerous physical visit to the customer’s location and the client got benefitted in terms of cost & time savings. The performance of their Infra improved and it was easier than ever to send advanced alert messages in case major outages in the network. Our remote IT Infra solution also helped the client Automate IT Workflow Management via advanced ticket tracking system
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