Managed Cloud Services
With the Pandemic taking over the last one and a half year, we've all had our learnings in terms of managing our IT Infrastructure remotely. One of the key elements to build efficiency, productivity, and continuity in the organization, is to be able to do that seamlessly.

Managing servers remotely, accessing them through common dashboards, without the headache to maintain their physical safety from natural elements, fires, electricals spikes and also their own issues in terms of overheating is the core of addressing this need. Though there are solutions to take care of that from the perspective of network assessment, hardware assessment, etc. but there's no sure shot method to ensure that the reliability is maintained. The only option that seems to be viable is to either have a dedicated or hybrid infrastructure on cloud.

While cloud has been around for a while, there's no way it had found as much traction as in this time period. GCP (Google Cloud), AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure (Microsoft Cloud) have been at the forefront of offering these services to the clients, along with co-location services like Netmagic.
But from the perspective of an organization that is keen to build efficiency and productivity into its operations, the key is not to just to acquire cloud. The key is to make optimum use of it while paying as less as one can.

This is the junction where "Managed Cloud Services" become critical to business needs. The managed services ensure that you choose the right cloud services based on your computation, storage, and security requirements. For example, the higher computational processes could be managed on a single cloud service, while storage needs could be fulfilled on another service or on a local network-based NAS. The critical documents could be stored on services that promise higher security and reliability.

This method, though, a little complex to implement will help you get a scalable infrastructure which will fulfill all your needs. It also helps you to reduce your costs in short run by driving efficiency, and in the long run by ensuring optimization.
FCOOS offers Managed Cloud services to its client spanning the full scope including consulting, operations, maintenance, and optimization.
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