Cloud Setup
Client: Major Cloud customer Project : Cloud setup We configured VPC, private, public routes, NAT server, Load balancers and Apache, MariaDB Galera clusters. We have made highly secured by restricted the traffic via NAT server. 1. Load balancer in public subnets for the access. 2. Incoming traffic through NAT server. 3. S3 storage for automatic backups. 4. OSSEC auditing. 5. Cloudwatch and cloudwatchlogs . 6. Automated EBS backup, cloudberry and duplicity backup. 7. SES for email notifications.
Cloud setup with continuous integration using jenkins
Client: Major Cloud Customer Project : Cloud setup with continuous integration using jenkins We have setup jenkins for automated code deployment for our few customers. 1. Jenkins for tomcat automatic builds with bitbucket plugins. 2. Configured MongoDB instances for Production, Staging and Dev envoronment. 3. S3 storage for automatic snapshot backups. 4. Configured production data sync to production with bash scripts.
Major overseas Telecom customer in Overseas
Client: Major overseas Telecom customer in Overseas Project : VPN setup for secure connection accross the regions We have setup VPN solutions ( Openvpn , L2TP , IPsec , GRE and PPTP ) for our India as well as overseas customer , with VPN solution we also secured the access of infra like resources will be only accessible via vpn tunnel , here mainly we prefer to setup openvpn so that we can give each user their own certificates . We have setup all above solutions on Linux serever as well as on Cisco routers , also we provide PFsense firewall which also supports all major VPN solutions .
VPN intergration with FreeRAIUS
Client : Overseas Telecom Industry Project : VPN intergration with FreeRAIUS FreeRADIUS is techonology which provides AAA ( Authorization, Authentication and Accounting ) , so we are using it for our overseas telecom customers where we integrate it with VPN techonlogies for secure connection. Mainly this project is designed to put limitation on chip (SIM ) internet access i.e. particular chip can only access only allocated amount of data , if it cross its limitation , chip internet access get blocks immediately . So AAA and network routing plays very important role here , once chip send AAA requests it reaches to radius server via VPN and radius server validates information provided for authorization , if server finds valid set of information chip get successul authorized and server send accept message to client , if information is not valid , authorization get rejects message . After successful authorization , client needs to send accounting request and with successful accounting chip can start browsing . Mainly we designed this project on Linux Centos platform .