Client : Overseas Telecom Industry

Project : VPN intergration with FreeRAIUS

FreeRADIUS is techonology which provides AAA ( Authorization, Authentication and Accounting ) , so we are using it for our overseas telecom customers where we integrate it with VPN techonlogies for secure connection. Mainly this project is designed to put limitation on chip (SIM ) internet access i.e. particular chip can only access only allocated amount of data , if it cross its limitation , chip internet access get blocks immediately . 

So AAA and network routing plays very important role here , once chip send AAA requests it reaches to radius server via VPN and radius server validates information provided for authorization , if server finds valid set of information chip get successul authorized and server send accept message to client , if information is  not valid , authorization get rejects message . After successful authorization , client needs to send accounting request and with successful accounting chip can start browsing . Mainly we designed this project on Linux Centos platform .

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